Short animated film written directed and animated by Leszek Mozga. ROADKILL will be premiered at the 72nd CANNES FESTIVAL in Cinéfondation student competition.
Creating Puppets
A preliminary characters design: illustrations and plasticine 3D models of heads
3D design and test of steel, ball-and-socket armatures
Deers silicone head mold making and casting. Final deer's head cast.
Real human hair was supplied by a local hairdresser.
Each individual hair was applied with a needle in to a silicone head and later trimmed to desired length  
Final Puppets were dressed in thick aluminium foil padded clothes.
Set Design - A House​​​​​​​
Set Design - A Road​​​​​​​
Set Design - A Shop
Making of A Car 
To achieve and old fashion jittery stop-motion effect I animated on 12 frames per second. It took on average 12 hours to animate 96 frames or 8 seconds of the film. Shooting process took 9 weeks. 
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